Once Upon a Mattress - May 12 - May 14, 2022

Meade County High School


This year's production combines the unique talents of over 50 students, staff and volunteers. The entire ensemble would like to say a very special THANK YOU for attending our show!


Without the paid advertisements in this program, this production would not be possible. We encourage you to visit our advertisers' place of business. 


No production of this magnitude is possible without the help of a dedicated team of student helpers and adult volunteers. We thank each of our parents and supporters for their individual contributions to the show.


A special thanks goes to the following people:


Sydney Amos

Cathy Smith

Jennifer Shelton

Desiree and Dan Emig

Bob Meyer

Derrick Ledbetter @ Jeffersonville HS Theatre

Tara Poole & MCHS Colorguard

Cynthia Nichols, Gracie Russell

Michelle Kail

Dave Liles

Brad Murphy

Louie LaTondress

Kelly and Abby Nelson

Danielle Maddle

Rick Rebilas

Amanda Jones


After school crew:  Abby Lee, Laila Braden, Caroline Jones

Ryan Welch, Jacob Miller, Alanna Holland, Allie Carmon, Madison Beach 


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