Once Upon a Mattress - May 12 - May 14, 2022

Meade County High School

 End Notes 





In our youths, many of us enjoyed reading the classic fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea”  by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. This re-envisioning of the classic tale premiered in 1959 with Carol Burnett in the leading role of Winnifred.  This fairy tale parody begins with the Minstrel explaining the underlying thorny situation - the kingdom is living under a curse. No loving couples can be married until sweet and sensitive Prince Dauntless the Drab finds a wife.  His smother-mother, the overbearing Queen Aggravain, has devised impossible “princess” tests so difficult that none of the twelve applicants so far has been able to pass them. Moreover, King Sextimus has been struck dumb and will not be released until “the mouse devours the hawk”.  So…all is not what it seems, or what we would expect from royalty ….at least in fairytale land!   



The arrival of the princess from the swamp quickly challenges the naive idea that the ideal princess should be “dainty and delicate as a dragonfly’s wing”.  Shenanigans and hilarity  ensue as stereotypes are swept aside.  ONCE UPON A MATTRESS  has one simple message … don’t judge a book by its’ cover …. A timeless message that seems more relevant today than ever! 



MCHS Choir students have had a blast rehearsing this clever musical and have put in many evening hours bringing this story to life.  Friendships have been forged along the way as we sang together, danced together, acted together (that’s the part you see) …. and sewed, glued, ironed, steamed and problem-solved (that's the part you don't see).  We hope that this experience will be a favorite high school  memory for our graduating seniors!   We will miss their leadership, talent and dedication to excellence.   We hope our underclassmen come away from this experience excited about next year’s possibilities! 



Speaking of future possibilities - be sure to take note of our summer musical theatre camp for students who have completed grades 1-8!  Enjoy the show!



Shaune Rebilas & Derek Crafton

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