Unhappily Ever After - November 18 - November 20, 2021

Memorial Drama Club


PLACE: The Counselor's Office TIME: Today
Mrs. Restine, piano
Fairy Tales  
I Point The Way  
Counselor, Ensemble
Can't Take The Cinder Out of Cinderella  
Prince Charming, Ensemble
Sleeping Beauty, Ensemble
Counselor, Cinderella, Prince Ling, Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty, Ms. Scribe, Ensemble
Teamwork (Reprise)  

A Note from Ms. Cohen and Mrs. Restine


Welcome to the Memorial Drama Club’s production of Unhappily Ever After! This is the first live performance that the middle school has done since the 2019 winter concert, and it is great to be back! We are very proud of the growth of the drama club since Mrs. Restine began working at Memorial in 2013. Since then, the Drama Club has staged Broadway Junior and full-length productions with large pit orchestras, stage crews, scenic artists, and custom made sets and costumes. Ms. Cohen joined the team in 2016, helping to bring our shows to life with vibrant choreography and supportive movement. 


The performance you will see tonight will be scaled back from our previous shows but still represents the passion and hard work of our wonderful sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. As a production team, we felt that Unhappily Ever After was a great show for us to familiarize our students with many things that have been missing while not performing in groups - working with others for a common goal, wearing a mask while breathing for singing and dancing, and developing spatial awareness on stage including social distancing. We also thought that this show could help to lift our spirits and highlight the importance of community and gratitude through difficult times.


From a musical theater perspective, the students worked heavily on their characterization, costuming, and props to provide an experience that encompasses both on stage and behind-the-scenes work. We are so proud of the growth your students have shown through this process and have enjoyed supporting them as they build their understanding and appreciation for putting together a show! Next year we plan to come back to a larger-scale performance but with more educated actors than in the past thanks to the experience from this show.


We are delighted to have you join us and be able to get back to bringing joy through the performing arts! We hope that you can relax and laugh a bit as you enjoy the show!

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