Les Misérables School Edition - March 27 - March 28, 2015

Meridian Drama Club


Thank you to the following groups/individuals.

Without you, we could not have performed the type of show we wanted.



Richland Community College- You were amazing to work with, and we sincerly appreciate all of your help. We could not have asked for a better facility for this production. 



Steve Trout- Your attention to detail in planning lights for the show was masterful. You're simply awesome. 



Adam Moore for providing resources and creative vision for our large props. 



Jeff Collins for single-handedly building our barricade. 



Theatre Seven for allowing us to use a large number of props from their inventory.



The Decatur Park District for providing a significant amount of our costumes. 



Several community members who donated items for the barricade. 



The faculty/staff of Meridian High School who put up with constant meetings, practices and scheduling issues. 



Kathy Hill and Sherry Lane for providing hours of babysitting for Lady Sable while the director worked with students. 



Kathy Earles for purchasing a complete set of Les Miserables dolls for the display case. 



Marissa Oliver and Claire Reynolds for creating all of the artwork for the silent auction. 



Stella Carnahan and family for providing a meal to the cast during show week. 



Cathy Gipson for working to provide a French meal- helping promote our show.



Dave Hill for donating his time and talent in making our muskets. 








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