Les Misérables School Edition - March 27 - March 28, 2015

Meridian Drama Club


  • Morgan Menges head shot

    Morgan Menges

    as Jean Valjen

    Morgan Menges is a senior and four-year drama vet. He played Roger in last year’s production of Grease. He plans to attend Texas A&M and sell his personally-produced baked potato flavored bubble gum and gravy flavored soda pop out of his dormitory. He’d like to thank his family, Bruce Wayne, Curtis Jackson, Gumby, and Bob Ross. “Hey, look at that. The pressure is all on me. *clears throat* “

  • Josh White head shot

    Josh White

    as Inspector Javert

    Joshua White is a senior who plans to attend Southeast Missouri State and study Biochemistry. This is Josh’s first year in Drama. He really has no experience whatsoever. He would like to thank his family, Mrs. Moore, Morgan Menges, Boyd Mathias, and the rest of the cast for their incredible support. Josh would also like to thank William Shatner for teaching him what it means to truly act.

  • Lauren Duffer head shot

    Lauren Duffer

    as Fantine

    Lauren Duffer is a junior who’s been involved with drama for 5 years. Her favorite role has been Betty Rizzo. She would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers for all the support and love towards acting and encouraging her to pursue acting and singing as a possible career. "Fantine has been the most challenging role I have ever played, but I have loved every emotional/crazy minute."

  • Emily Moma head shot

    Emily Moma

    as Young Cosette

    Emily Moma is a kindergartener at Meridian Primary; she is also involved with dance. She would like to thank Grace for being her friend, Miss Becca for all of her help, Miss Dowd, and her mom and dad for bringing her to the audition and practices.

  • Audrey Durbin head shot

    Audrey Durbin

    as Cosette

    Audrey Durbin is a junior who would love to pursue acting and singing as a career. This is her 8th year in drama. She would like to thank anyone who has helped her grow as a singer/actress, her family and friends. “The best thing about playing Cosette is seeing the influence she has on people. She’s a beacon of hope, and I feel if that’s the legacy I could leave, then life would be pretty great."

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