Mary Poppins - April 05 - April 06, 2019

Mid Valley Drama Club


Mid Valley Board of Directors

President Paul Macknosky

Vice-president Gerald Luchansky

Secretary Donna Dixon

Member Brian Foley

Member Peter Kolcharno

Member Dan Lane

Member Joanne Pesota

Member Mary Ruth Tanner

Member Steven Vituszynski


Mid Valley Administration

Superintendent Patrick Sheehan

Curriculum Director Eduardo Antonetti

Student Services Director Chad Vinansky

Information Technology Director James Depoti

Principal Jeffrey Kovaleski

Assistant Principal Michelle Higgins

Principal Carlos Lopez

Assistant Principal Michael Piercy


Mid Valley Drama Club Officers

Pesident Mallory deQuevedo

Vice-president Viktoria Meehan

Secretary Samantha Kostage

Treasurer Joedlyn Torres

Fundraising Manager Madison Riccardo

Public Relations Manager Scott Bidwell

Staff Artists Alana Kautz and Angel Novajosky



Director's Circle

Mid Valley Board of Education

Leading Role

John N. Gershey, DMD and

Jessica A. Falk, DMD, MSD

Supporting Role

The Barilka Family

"A Supporter of the Arts"


Volunteers and Contributors-in-Kind

    Career Technology Center     Emily Carr     Kim Charney     

Donna Dixon          Lorna Engler     Craig Friedman          Michelle Higgins   

 Jessica Jezerski     Jeff Kovaleski     Mid Valley Faculty   

Mid Valley Maintenance Staff      Mid Valley Secretarial Staff          

Andrea Osman     Gary Powell     Gregory Powell     

Dave Rebar     Susan SanMartin     Liz Tinney     Kim Zerechak







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