Mary Poppins - April 05 - April 06, 2019

Mid Valley Drama Club


Crew Members  
Dance Captain  
Madison Riccardo  
Assistant Dance Captain  
Felicia Saar  
Hair and Makeup Manager  
Marissa Angelo  
Hair and Makeup Assistants  
Hailey Davis, Alana Kautz, Vanessa Pruzinsky, Olivia Stein
Set Designer  
Patricia Powell  
Costume Designer  
Patricia Powell  
Adults' Costume Managers  
Hailey Davis and Olivia Stein
Children's Costume Managers  
Morgan Haefele and Mariah Minter
Lighting Designers  
Angel Novajosky, Kayla Newlin, and Angel Ortiz
Sound Designers  
Justin Kucharski and Nicolo Manzo  
Graphic Artists  
Alana Kautz and Angel Novajosky
Prop Artists  
Kyle Choyka and Patricia Powell
Stage Managers  
Charles Karam and Justin Gohsler
Stage Hands  
Adam Jackson, Michael Ly, Sean MacCallum, Ryan O'Boyle, Caleb Taber,
House Manager  
Matthew Fedorka  
Kelcie Bensinger, Morgan Bialy, Becca Laboranti, Katrina Schultz, Alyssa Sekelsky, Lindsey Space
Box Office Managers  
Christina Lorenzetti and Samantha Shelesky


PO Box 240
1212 S. Abington Road
Clarks Summit, PA 18411




William F. Dunstone, Partner



Special thanks to Justin and Chuck. You owe me breakfast.

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