A Christmas Carol (Ahrens Menken) - December 02 - December 04, 2021

Mill Creek High School


Scene One: The Royal Exchange  
Scene One: The Royal Exchange
Hear the Bells  
Jolly Good Time  
Scrooge, Ensemble
Charity Men  
Charity Men
Nothing To Do With Me - Parts 1-6  
Scrooge, Cratchit, Sandwich Board Man, Lamplighter, Tiny Tim, Fred, Blind Old Hag, Ensemble
Scene Two: The Streets of London
Scrooge's House  
Scene Three: Scrooge's Parlour, Night
Link By Link  
Marley, Ghosts
Link By Link, Postlude  
Scene Four: Scrooge's Bedroom, Night
Lights Of Long Ago (Part One  
Ghost of Christmas Past
Scene Five: The Law Courts
Old Bailey  
Scrooge's Mother
The Lights of Long Ago (Part Two  
The Ghost of Christmas Past
Scene Six: A Factory
The Factory  
Scrooge at 12
A Place Called Home (Part One)  
Fan, Scrooge
Scene Seven: Mister Fezziwig's Bank
Mister Fezziwig's Annual Christmas Ball  
Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig, Ensemble, Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge
A Place Called Home (Part Two)  
Young Ebeneezer, Emily, Scrooge
Scene Eight: Scrooge and Marley Ltd.
Money Machine Montage  
Young Ebeneezer, Young Marley, Fezziwig, Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge, Emily, Ensemble
Scene Nine: A Starry Night
Abundance And Charity  
Ghost of Christmas Present, Ensemble
Christmas Together  
Tiny Tim, Cratchit, Mrs. Cratchit, Ensemble, Ghost of Christmas Present, Fred
Scene Ten: The Streets of London

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