Shrek the Musical Jr. - February 25 - February 27, 2016

Montgomery School


The cast and crew of Shrek the Musical, Jr. would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have played a role in making this production possible: 



- Montgomery School Administration:

Sally Keidel, Head of School

Susan Marotta, Lower School Head

Jon Hall, Assistant Head of School, Middle School Head

Stacey Kley, Director of External Affairs

Mark Murray, Director of Finance and Operations

Deb Goggins, Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Alison Stinger, Director of Development

Carolyn Blair, Director of Athletics and Facilities


- Jon Hall for assisting in nearly everything during this process. Thank you for your time and guidance. 


- Tim Eisenhauer and Greg Tomko for their hard work in the transformation of the library, as well as the stage and set pieces. 


- Jose Orozco for the beautiful lobby display of the cast and crew. 


- Jennifer Volatile for putting together all of the incredible costumes seen on stage. 


- All of the wonderful parent volunteers who helped with snack, dinners, cast party, and backstage help.


- Janis Oeschger for assisting with parent communication.


- Liz Maginnis for taking the beautiful headshots of the cast and crew for the lobby display. 


- All of the student helpers! 


- Evan Spaeder for his expertise in transforming the library into a theater. 


- All of the Montgomery School faculty for their flexibility with the transformation of the library space.


- Sarah Doherty for coming in and holding a master class for the MS musical cast and crew. 



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