Alice In Wonderland - December 03 - December 05, 2021

Morrilton Sr. High School


Cast Members  
Whitlee Patterson  
White Rabbit  
Bradley Mendelssohn  
The Mouse and Mock Turtle  
Elizabeth Ray  
Fish Footman, Doormouse, Griffin  
Kiley Viveiros  
Frog Footman and Knave of Hearts  
Salina Sosa  
The Duchess  
Susan Guenther  
The Cook  
Zakiyah Ausler-Fergueson  
The Chesire Cat  
Lamar Anderson  
March Hare  
Alizabeth Marriot  
The Mad Hatter  
Ashton Brinkerhoff  
King of Hearts  
Aidan Allison  
Queen of Hearts  
Samarah Gulledge  
Playing Card  
Danajah Penn  

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