Alice In Wonderland - December 03 - December 05, 2021

Morrilton Sr. High School

 Who's Who 

  • Whitlee Patterson

    as Alice

    Whitlee is 15 years old and currently enrolled in Theatre II. She is very happy to have had the opportunity of playing Alice in Troupe 3131’s production of Alice in Wonderland. Whitlee, having debuted in Troupe 3131’s production of Much Ado About Nothing, has a love for acting. Working on this play has been an extremely rewarding  and exciting experience.

  • Bradley Mendelssohn

    as White Rabbit

    This is Bradley Mendelssohn’s second production with MHS. From arresting Conrad and Borachio as the Watchman in Much Ado About Nothing to frantically running around Wonderland as the White Rabbit, the sophomore strives to bring forth the best performance they can, every time they perform.They are very honored to be in this play, and really hope everyone enjoys it.

  • Elizabeth Ray

    as The Mouse and Mock Turtle

    A hard working, passionate actor, who absolutely loves all of the arts including band, fine arts, and physical art. Loves making new friends and is always welcome to giving hugs!

  • Kiley Viveiros

    as Fish Footman, Doormouse, Griffin

    Kiley is 15 and this is her first real production with the theatre program! She can be heard by other actors constantly backstage getting ready for her 3 roles in this play, originally being Dormouse but then adding Gryphon and Fish Footman to her list. Kiley dearly wishes everyone watching enjoys the show with all the work being put in, and also hopes everyone has room in the audience to watch, despite what the Dormouse might say.

  • Salina Sosa

    as Frog Footman and Knave of Hearts

    Salina is a freshman at Morrilton High School and this is her first production with Troupe 3131. 

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