Footloose - April 24 - May 09, 2015

Mt. Rainier High School


Production / Creative  
Creative Director  
Moshe Henderson  
Taylor Ruyffeleare  
Music Director  
Luke Stromberg  
Stage Manager  
Marissa O'Keefe  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Ruby Lynd-Ginal  
Band Director  
Jordan Beckman  
Costume Designer  
Erin Glaman  
Set Designer  
Moshe Henderson  
Set Construction  
Scott Steepleton, William Bennett, Saber Bolinger
Sound Designer  
Brandi Young  
Lighting Designer  
Moshe Henderson  
Lighting Assistants  
Sam Hefford-Anderson, Brandi Young
Tech Assistants  
Jill Ringoen, Joseph Charaba, Saber Bolinger
Prop Master  
Moshe Henderson  
Photographer / Videographer  
Taylor Hewitt  
Graphic Designer / Program  
Moshe Henderson  
Kelsey Steepleton, Samantha Crotty
Club Advisor  
William Bennett  
Club President  
Michelle Jensen  
Club Co-Vice President  
Kelsey Steepleton  
Club Co-Vice President  
Devoni Whitehead  
Club Secretary  
Cade Stedman  
Club Treasurer  
Samantha Crotty  




NOTE: A sincere thanks to the many involved with the final product, including but not limited to The Hi-Liners, Renton Civic Theatre, Amber Thatcher, and our set construction team! A special shout out to Mr. Scott Steepleton for building the moving platforms and donating materials. Another shout out to Mr. Bennett and Saber Bolinger for contructing the upstage wall and painting the set.

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