Footloose - April 24 - May 09, 2015

Mt. Rainier High School

 Who's Who 

  • Alyissa Lloyd head shot

    Alyissa Lloyd

    as Cowgirl Jenny

    (17, Mt. Rainier HS) Alyissa is excited to be in another MRHS production! She started theatre in elementary school and loves doing it in high school! Freshman year she was in Once Upon A Mattress, and now it's her her sophomore year. She hopes you enjoy the show and dance along in your seats! Just don't get caught, its against the law.

  • April Rupley head shot

    April Rupley

    as Cowgirl Beth

    (14, Mt. Rainier HS) April has been in many plays before and enjoys acting very much. This is her first show in a couple years, and she is very excited to be back! She is a part of the parent ensemble and has made a lot new friends in drama club.

  • Ashley Robbins head shot

    Ashley Robbins

    as Cowgirl Michelle

    (14, Mt. Rainier HS) Ashley loves being a part of something so special! She feels like she is at home with all of her fellow cast members. Because of drama, Ashley has learned more about the stage as a career. She is realizing that she doesn't want to only be an actress, but in addition a director! Overall, she is excited to be part of this wonderful family and loves the show!

  • Astrid Duenas head shot

    Astrid Duenas

    as A Cop / Gwendolyn

    (14, Mt. Rainier HS) Astrid is very excited to be part of this year’s production. She has never done something like this before and is grateful for the new skills and experiences she has acquired. Astrid also likes to participate in volleyball and loves being with her friends. Enjoy the show!

  • Beth Pierce head shot

    Beth Pierce

    as Lulu Warnicker

    (16, Mt. Rainier HS) Beth is super happy about the musical this year! Wanting to give it her all, she now gets to have her first real set of lines! Beth has been enjoying the play and her character. Before this she was in The Wizard of OZ, The Little Mermaid, and MRHS’s Once Upon A Mattress. She loves her drama family so much and can't wait for more fun memories!

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