The Wizard of Oz - November 21 - November 23, 2013

Mulvane High School


Cast Members  
Dorothy Gale  
Lizzy Hampton  
Jonah Snider  
Blake Overman  
Zeke/Cowardly Lion  
Baine Dikeman  
Glinda, Witch of the North  
Jordan Boden  
Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West  
Sabrina Orsman  
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz  
Joseph Richey  
Aunt Em/Poppy  
Maddie Hale  
Uncle Henry/Barrister of Munchkinland  
Dakota Wharry  
Almira Gultch (Flying)/Jitterbug  
Olivia Naccarato  
Mayor of Munchkinland/Winkie  
Cody Townsend  
Nikko, Commander of the Flying Monkeys/Coroner of Munchkinland  
Nick Hood  
Ghost/Flying Monkey #1  
Courtney Klaus  
Winkie General  
Sam Wathen  
The Great and Powerful Oz (voice role)  
David Fennewald  
City Father #1 of Munchkinland/Winkie  
Troy Carlson  
City Father #2 of Munchkinland/Winkie  
Dalton Moorehouse  
Munchkin #1/Polisher #3  
Katie Wilson  
Munchkin #2/Poppy/Manicurist #2/Jitterbug  
Keely Rocha  
Lullaby League-Tot #1/Poppy/Beautician #1/Jitterbug  
Taylor Bradley  
Lullaby League-Tot #2/Poppy/Manicurist #1/Jitterbug  
Lorynn Boyce  
Lullaby League-Tot #3/Poppy/Strawstuffer #3/Jitterbug  
Bradi Allen  
Lollypop Guild-Tough Kid #1/Winkie  
Chris Gibson  
Lollypop Guild-Tough Kid #2/Flying Monkey  
Jaden Reekie  
Lollypop Guild-Tough Kid #3/City Gate Guard/Winkie  
Austin Moe  

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