The Wizard of Oz - November 21 - November 23, 2013

Mulvane High School


Crew Members  
Director/Great & Powerful Oz Puppeter  
Jason Mitchell
Rachel Jansen  
Tech Director  
Lee MacDonald  
Accompanist/Pit Orchestra  
Deb Rhodes  
Public Relations  
Teresa Miller  
Costume Designer  
Emily Cannon  
Stage Manager  
Caitlin Martin  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Taylor Selvey
Assistant Stage Manager  
Greg Houser  
Assistant Tech Director  
Gabby Lewis  
Head of Men's Costume  
Connor Innes  
Head of Women's Costume  
Erynn Hanna  
Head of Make Up  
Courtlynn Lander  
Head of Set Construction  
Dalton Brewer  
Props Master  
Beth Ritter  
Head of Lighting  
Bryant Belden  
Head of Sound  
T J Bise  
Co-Head of Painting/House Crew  
Allie Federico  
Co-Head of Paint  
Samantha Grier  
Head of Publicity/House Manager  
Kate Thompson  
Co-Head of Fly Crew  
Brent Martin
Co-Head of Fly Crew  
Isaiah Evans  
Sound Assistant  
Chase Young  
Lighting Crew  
Karsan Turner
Lighting Crew  
Mathew Berry  
Costume/Make-up Crew  
Kailyn Stump
Costume/Make Up Crew  
Garret Wayman  
Costume/Make Up Crew  
Lindsey Lampe  
Costume/Make Up Crew  
Logan Dietrich  
Costume/Make Up Crew  
Katy Henderson  
Costume/Make Up Crew  
Victoria Campbell  

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