Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical - November 09 - November 11, 2023

Mulvane High School


The cast and crew of Matilda the Musical would like to thank the following wonderful people for their help and assistance in bringing this show to the MHS stage.




Michelle Deloney, Marsha Slack and all of the other parents who helped put together our Cast & Crew meal.


The Derby High School Theatre Department for the loaning of props and technical equipment.


Talitha Maltbie


Coach Daniel Myears


Laura Canfield and the MHS Nurse's Office


Patty Sweeney


Travis Keller


Shelly Milledge


David Dieker


Kasey McDowell, Thomas Schmitz & Josh Nearhood


Jesse Bernal and the MHS Media Students


The MHS Custodial Staff


Mr. Swearingen, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Fennewald


But most of all, thank you to our families who have been so supportive and understanding about the time and effort we have poured into this production.

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