Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical - November 09 - November 11, 2023

Mulvane High School

 Who's Who 

  • Chloe Davis head shot

    Chloe Davis

    as Matilda Wormwood, Dancer

    Chloe is a freshman at MHS. This is her first show as cast or crew. She has so many people she could thank, but she wants to thank her mom for running lines with her every chance she got, her dad for encouraging her through everything and supporting her interests, finally Mrs. Berry and Mr. Mitchell for all the advice they gave her during rehearsals. Thanks for coming, and enjoy the show.

  • Mack Swayne head shot

    Mack Swayne

    as Agatha Trunchbull, Children's Entertainer, Dad

    Mack is a Senior at MHS, she has been doing Theatre for 3 years. She's been in 2 musicals, an interactive play, and an online play. She is the Choreo Captain and Asst Conductor of Esprit De Corps. Mack would like to thank Maureen Berry and Jason Mitchell for the opportunity of her role this year and her friends and family for the loving support. Break a Leg and enjoy the show!

  • Rosemarie Mandala head shot

    Rosemarie Mandala

    as Miss Honey, Mom

    Rosie is a senior at MHS. This is her 6th mainstage show at MHS, and her 9th show overall. She would like to thank her parents for putting up with all the hours she spends away from home, and the cast, crew, and pit, for putting in the effort to make this show amazing. Break a leg!!!

  • Kole Holinde head shot

    Kole Holinde

    as Mr. Wormwood, Big Kid

    Kole is a junior at MHS. He has been doing theater since 6th grade and has been in several shows like Mamma Mia and Freaky Friday. He plays Mr. Wormwood and a big kid in the show. He would like to also shout out his mom for getting him involved in theater and his brother for always supporting him. Break a Leg!!!!

  • Sarah Sutherland head shot

    Sarah Sutherland

    as Mrs. Wormwood, Big Kid

    Sarah is a senior at MHS and is Pres. of the Thespians club. She has been involved in the last three shows as a cast member and before that was involved in three shows as a crew. She would like to thank the crew, pit, and all of the cast for their hard work and for making it a fun but amazing senior-year musical. She would also like to thank her mom and grandma for helping with her costuming needs! Most importantly, enjoy the show!

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