You Can't Take It With You - February 08 - February 11, 2018

Munster High School

 End Notes 

Producer's Notes

In selecting shows for MTC's season, part of the process naturally includes giving students exposure to a variety of dramatic literature.  This year for the winter show, I wanted to give our students a chance to tackle something humorous, yet classical and timeless.  Enter You Can't Take it With You.


It was first produced in 1936 and ran for 838 performances.  In 1938, it was made into a film, which one Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director.  And over the decades it has been a popular piece for amateur and professional theatre groups to produce.  In 2014, it was revived on Broadway, with James Earl Jones playing the part of Grandpa Vanderhof!  


Dramatics Magazine, the official publication of the International Thespian Society, conducts an annual survey of plays done by school theatres.  Since the 1930s, it has been in the top five non-musicals produced.  Timeless, indeed!


And the humor fits our students' talent.  The fast-paced action of the show, coupled with the occasional plays on words, brings out the talents of MTCs top performers.  


I hope you enjoy this classic of the American theatre!


Ray Palasz





Directors' Notes

This collaborative effort was a joy to be a part of! We have loved seeing our classmates come together to make an audience laugh and cry. We all know the struggle of work and living the hard life, but to see a family who lives life to the fullest every day. But just what might happen when their young daughter falls in love? Will the 2 families get along? You’ll have to find out! So sit back, relax, and enjoy hearing the hilarity of You Can’t Take It With You! We would like to thank everyone involved in the show, all of our wonderful parents, Mrs. Matanic and her wonderful tech theater class, and Mr. Palasz. Thank you Mr. Palasz for giving us this amazing opportunity, and helping so much with the process. Thanks again to everyone and we really hope you enjoy our show!


Chloe Jancosek

Ben Peters

Mitchell Walsh




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