You Can't Take It With You - February 08 - February 11, 2018

Munster High School


Crew Members  
Set Construction and Painting  
Josef Adams, Jayda Banks, Jaida Beasley, Matthew Bensema, Ethan Boudreau, Dylan Bullock, Nicolas Calderon, Nicholas Calcaro, Cyvon Carey, Ariana Casas, Kennedy Clark, Shannon Coughlin, Skyler Dickeson, Kemper Fane, Jacob Fitch, Ariel Gallardo, Gavin Hamilton, Jake Hemingway, Emma Herring, Nikolai Hoogewerf, Ian Horn, Mariah Juarez, Timothy Kaufman, Emma Klefeker, Creighton Kooy, Krishna Lakshmanmurthy, Merrick Leiser, Briana Lim, Leonard Linn, Thomas Maloney, Matthew Manous, Anna Marcuccilli, Connor Meyer, Adam Mohrs, Raisuli Muhammad, Mary Anne O'Brien, Megan O'Brien, Sean O'Rourke, Mianna Papageorge, Vanessa Pascual, Alexis Pedraza, Christian portone, Dominick Reda, Sara Resch, Aubrey Rivera, Sophia Rivera, Nathanael Rodenberg, Amanda Roales, Jackson Sanchez, Vanessa Situ, Emily Staniszewski, Sara Wenzel, Jonathan Wesley, Jessica Wiess, Naja Windham

Thespians Shine at State!

On January 26-28, 13 students attended the Indiana Thespians State Conference in Indianapolis.  There they watched plays, attended workshops, and competed in individual theatre events as well as scholarship events.  Here are the results:


In Individual Events:


     Kelly Collins and Chloe Jancosek earned SUPERIOR (the top ranking) in Duet           Musical Theatre
     Chloe Jancosek earned a SUPERIOR in Solo Musical Theatre
     Sydney Hamill earned a SUPERIOR in Monologues


Anyone who earns a Superior at State qualifies to compete at the International Thespian Festival in June.


     Maya Radjenovich earned an EXCELLENT in Solo Musical Theatre
     Kelly Collins earned an EXCELLENT in Solo Musical Theatre
     Ariel Shoriak earned an EXCELLENT in Solo Musical Theatre
     Taylor Fishman earned an EXCELLENT in Monologues
     Francis Hovland earned an EXCELLENT in Short Film


Also, Munster High School was recognized as Bronze Honor Troupe for our overall work as a theatre organization.  Critieria include theatrical productions, public service, outreach, and participation at state and international level events.


The Indiana Thespians is the state-level organization for the Educational Theatre Association, which also sponsors the International Thespian Society.  Munster High School maintains an active troupe of the International Thespian Society.  


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