Little Shop of Horrors - January 13 - January 15, 2022

Mustang Theatre

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Atlas Holt

    Stage Manager

    Atlas is a sophomore they are the stage manager for this show. This is their 4th year in theatre and they couldn't love it more. They have been in shows such as Dearly Departed and These Shining Lives. They hope you enjoy the show and just want to say how grateful they are for this company and all the people involved in this show!

  • Michelle Guerrero

    Ast. Stage Manager

    Michelle is a senior and has been a part of MTC for four years. She has previously stage managed shows such as The Addams Family and All My Sons. She is making the most of her last year and is so excited for MTC's productions!

  • Kara LaBorde

    Ast. Stage Manager

    Kara is a tenth grader who has been in theatre for four years. She would like to thank the directors for giving her the opportunity to be an ASM in this production and is looking forward to working on future productions in the MTC.

  • Kaitlyn McKeegan

    Run Crew

    Kaitlyn is a senior who commonly goes by Keegs or McKeegan. She has participated in theatre since 4th grade and has been in 16 shows, including Little Shop of Horrors; however, this is only her second time being crew. McKeegan is in her third year of being a Theatre officer and is president of the company.

  • Kendall Carrell

    Makeup and Costume Crew

    Kendall is a junior and does hair, makeup, and costume crew. Kendall has been doing hair and makeup for Mustang Theatre for the past two years and can’t wait to see how beautiful the show turns out to be!


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