Little Shop of Horrors - January 13 - January 15, 2022

Mustang Theatre


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Atlas Holt  
Ast. Stage Manager  
Michelle Guerrero  
Ast. Stage Manager  
Kara LaBorde  
Run Crew  
Kaitlyn McKeegan
AJ Dean
Lawson Robinson
Crysta Galvan
Hadyn Waid
Izzy Minjarez
Katelyn Pendergraff
Ashton Millican
Savannah Percle
Campbell Smith
Kyle Nash
Set Crew  
John Rayburn
James Flynn
Maggie Mauldin
Makeup and Costume Crew  
Kendall Carrell
Kaylee Hanson
Caroline Tosh
Lynsey Nabors
Rosa Torres
Audrey Garcia

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