The Sound of Music - June 26 - September 19, 2021

Nanaimo District Secondary School

 Who's Who 

  • Jordyn Wells head shot

    Jordyn Wells

    as Maria Rainer

    Jordyn Wells is a grade 12 student at NDSS. She has been in four NDSS productions: Curtains (chorus/ensemble), Beauty and the Beast (ensemble/Silly Girl, Napkin, understudy for Babette) and She played Donna from Mamma Mia! Jordyn would like to thank the supportive cast and Ms. Parker for wonderful guidance.

  • Ethan Chung head shot

    Ethan Chung

    as Captain Georg von Trapp

    Ethan, a grade 12 student, has been involved in musical theatre at NDSS since grade 9. He began as a stage hand that could sing and act, and since then he's moved from backstage to center stage. Two years ago, he landed the role of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and last year he was Bill in Mamma Mia! This year, he is thrilled to be playing the role of Captain von Trapp.

  • Elise Montgomery head shot

    Elise Montgomery

    as The Mother Abbess

    Elise Montgomery is in Grade 12, and has been in several productions such as Beauty and the Beast (Madame de la Grande Bouche) and Legally Blonde (Vivian Kensington). Elise enjoys singing with her classmates and hopes that you enjoy The Sound Of Music as much as she does.

  • Aia Segal head shot

    Aia Segal

    as Sister Berthe

    Aia, a grade 10 student at NDSS, has been in shows with Kismet Theatre Academy and Pauline Haarer. Last year, she was Tanya in Mamma Mia. A few favourite roles include Tommy in Pippi-Longstocking, Tamsin in Dystopia and the Cruel Stepmother in Twinderella. Aia is thrilled to be a part of this year’s production of The Sound Of Music and hopes to continue acting and singing.

  • Haley Chavez head shot

    Haley Chavez

    as Sister Margaretta

    Haley, a grade 10 student, has been in three NDSS productions. Last year, she was in Mamma Mia. In grade 8, they were a percussionist in the orchestra for Beauty and the Beast. Inspired by the actors and the welcoming atmosphere she has come back as an actor. They have had 8 years of dance, a passion of theirs. They are thrilled to be apart of The Sound Of Music this year.

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