The Three Musketeers (Ludwig) - April 20 - April 22, 2018

Nashua Theatre Guild


Crew Members  
Amy Mackay  
Stage Manager  
Beth Schwartz  
Valerie Wisneski and Brendan Mackay
Fight Director  
Bob Haas  
Lighting Design  
Tyler Soucy  
Sound Design  
Amy Mackay  
Set Design  
Scott LaCroix  
Costume Design  
Allison Szklarz  
Props Wench  
Gretchen Gray  
Prop Wench  
Cathie Schofield  
Assistant Fight Director  
Andrea Stasio  
Costume Assistant  
Lorraine Louie  
House Manager  
Jill Deming  
Run Crew  
Rich Alcott, Kelli Loughlin, Amy Mackay, Claire Sullivan, Justin the Wonderful
Sound Board Operator  
Valerie Wisneski  
Box Office  
Betsey Martel, Dave Atkinson, Chuck Emmons
Wench of All Trades  
Betsey Martel  
Set Construction  
Cast & Crew

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