Newsies - March 14 - March 17, 2019

North Platte High School

 End Notes 

From the Director:


I could not be more proud of this cast and crew.  I've watched them put in countless hours learning choreography (written by our very own, Ciera Carlson), studying lines and fine tuning their characters.  They have developed a deep understanding that a successful production requires more than what the audience sees on stage.  It's an experience that allows them to learn about themselves.  They experience the best in teamwork, cooperation, commitment, and mutual respect.  It takes so many people, on and off the stage, to create a successful production.  They have learned to play to their strengths, set egos aside, and work together to create a wonderful piece of art!! 


To my cast and crew-what a blessing you have been to me for the past 4 months!


To our senior performers-it's been a true pleasure to be a small part of your high school experience.  Amazing things lie ahead for you all! 


Kiera-strong, capable and beautiful, just like Katherine                           

Chloe-a great example of hard work and grace                                             

Alex-persistent and goofy....a great combination                                   

Ainsley-your positivity is contagious                                                               

Beth-prettiest smile that makes everyone's day                                               

Bia-so beautiful, inside and out!! 

Ally-The world of film awaits you...remember us in your Oscar      acceptance speech!


To our brave cameo roles (Bernie, Scott, Micah and Phil)-I hope you had a great time making your North Platte stage debut!!  Thank you for sharing the stage with us!


To Mrs. McDaniel-there's nobody I'd rather direct a show with than you!                         


To my husband and kids-your love and support is worth more than all the money in this world!


-Leah Purdy






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