Almost, Maine - December 08 - December 09, 2023

North Quincy High

 Director's Note 


Friends and family,


     Like many of you, Massachusetts is the place I call home and have called home for all of my life. No other place on earth gives me that same sense of home quite like Maine does. Not only because my family has visited its campgrounds for decades; not solely for its beautiful mountains and endless whimsical forests; not just for the incredible wildlife who inhabit it, but for its people. The people of Maine are what make Maine so special. You could be thousands of miles from home, and you'll be greeted at a restaurant, a storefront, passing by on the street as if you were an old friend.

     The people of Almost, Maine are not unlike those you'd find in the Northernmost state of the US and unlike anyone you'd find anywhere else in the world. 

     This does not mean Maine is perfect. Maine faces the same real hardships that most Americans do. They face poverty, hunger, addiction, violence, homophobia, racism, and so much more.  Almost, Maine captures the harmony and hardships of these regular Americans in a beautiful balancing act. 




     On October 25, 2023, the town of Lewiston, Maine was struck by tragedy when an armed gunman took the lives of 18 people and injured 13 others. By then, we had been in production for this play for a little over three weeks. I knew then that this work would be dedicated to the people of Maine whose lives were forever impacted by this heinous act of violence. 


      In addition to our dedication, 15% of the proceeds for ticket sales will be donated to the Lewiston-Auburn Area Response Fund.  If anyone wishes to make an additional donation, there will be a designated station at the ticket booth with more information on how to do so.  


Kariana Santos


Drama Club Advisor

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