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North Quincy High

 Department Chair's Notes 



"Art is a mirror held up to nature." - William Shakespeare


     The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) lists the arts and music in the definition of a “well-rounded education.” An arts education, whether in the visual or performing arts, helps students build self-esteem, develop literacy and communication skills, and create broad worldviews. Through the creative and performing process, students learn what quality work means and develop critical and creative thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Students build literacy skills that complement traditional reading and writing skills by analyzing and interpreting paintings, concertos, or monologues. Exposure to the work of actors, artists, and musicians from various places and cultures helps students see themselves in the arts and appreciate and celebrate differences. 


     In addition to these individual benefits, the visual and performing arts programs embody the school culture and enrich the larger community. Through their participation in the arts, students learn to be accountable for their craft and to their team of fellow performers. Students learn to work together to create a shared experience for others, building a sense of community and connectedness. An arts education provides self-expression, promotes conversations, and encourages students to be aware of their audience and share their work with the community.


     We thank the parents and community members who consistently support the city's creative and performing arts programs. At North Quincy High School, there are numerous opportunities for students to achieve, and after-school arts programs become integral in ensuring every student has an opportunity to participate. Your patronage helps to ensure a future generation of students will continue to appreciate and create valuable art.


Michael DeMarco, Systemwide Music Department Chair &

Sarah Reichel, Systemwide Art Department Chair

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