The Game's Afoot - November 12 - November 15, 2015

Norwood High School


Cast Members  
William Gillette (Thursday/Saturday)  
Jason Allen  
William Gillette (Friday/Sunday)  
Danny Hernon  
Martha Gillette (Thursday/Saturday)  
Alessandra Varon  
Martha Gillette (Friday/Sunday)  
Jessica Maldonado  
Felix Geisel (Thursday/Saturday)  
Allie Campbell  
Felix Geisel (Friday/Sunday)  
Harry Lane  
Madge Geisel  
Imaní Mitchell  
Simon Bright (Thursday/Saturday)  
Nick Gassoway  
Simon Bright (Friday/Sunday)  
Jada Burs  
Aggie Wheeler (Thursday/Saturday)  
Erin Feeney  
Aggie Wheeler (Friday/Sunday)  
Carly Foye  
Inspector Goring (Friday/Sunday)  
Amanda Ciarletto  
Inspector Goring (Thursday/Saturday)  
Andrea Stebbins  
Daria Chase (Thursday/Saturday)  
Meghan Ring  
Daria Chase (Friday/Sunday)  
Erin Fogarty  
Deirdre Sandstrum  
Mysterious Person with Gun  
Bella Bennett  
Adv. of Sherlock Holmes Backstage Staff, Medic  
Becky Butler  
Adv. of Sherlock Holmes Costumer, Policeman  
Mary Erickson  


THE GAME’S AFOOT is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.





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