The Game's Afoot - November 12 - November 15, 2015

Norwood High School

 Who's Who 

  • Jason Allen head shot

    Jason Allen

    as William Gillette (Thursday/Saturday)

    Jason joined the drama program last year with the production of She Kills Monsters. It was so much fun that he decided to stick around. All of last year and into this one, he has helped the best he could with the drama program. He is extremely grateful for everyone who has been kind to him and made him feel welcome. Please enjoy the show! "THE GAME'S AFOOT!"

  • Jada Burs head shot

    Jada Burs

    as Simon Bright (Friday/Sunday)

    Jada is an amazing, heartwarming student who loves dogs. She loves to direct, write plays and socialize. She dislikes bugs and people but would help anyone in need.

  • Bella Bennett head shot

    Bella Bennett

    as Mysterious Person with Gun

    Bella is so so so exited to be in the Game's Afoot, as the whole experience is amazing. Not to mention the guns... ahh! On a more serious note, Bella is super grateful for everyone in her life, including all of her friends in the production. Thank you to the staff and cast for being awesome.

  • Becky Butler head shot

    Becky Butler

    as Adv. of Sherlock Holmes Backstage Staff, Medic

    Becky is in 10th grade. She likes to eat food and spin in the color guard. She likes to act and has since she was in 6th grade.

  • Allie Campbell head shot

    Allie Campbell

    as Felix Geisel (Thursday/Saturday)

    Allie is 15 and a sophomore here at NHS. She started acting in 4th grade with Fantasy Footsteps and obviously hasn't stopped since. When Allie isn't on stage she is doing what she loves, color guard. And when she isn't at color guard she is spinning anything she can get her hands on including, flags, rifles, sabres, sibilings, etc. In her "free time" she enjoys writing, and did I mention spinning?

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