A Midsummer Night's Dream - November 09 - November 10, 2019

Oak Hill High School

 End Notes 

The last time and only time Oak Hill has produced and performed a Shakespeare play was in 1977, when Tom Huber directed Romeo and Juliet.  I remember getting the extra curricular Drama position in the fall of 2009, and this crazy English teacher bugging me about how we should do a Shakespeare play.  I brushed it off, and she kept bugging me about it.  I told her once I got my feet wet and felt like I knew what I was doing, maybe it would happen.  So, here we are ten years later.  And, this crazy English teacher is now my tech director.  And here we are doing Shakespeare.  I think after ten years, my feet are wet enough, but Shakespeare is a whole new world for not only the actors and audience, but also directing.  I have a lot of personal thank yous, so bear with me...


Danielle: Thank you for bugging me all those years.  And thank you for taking on a role of tech/lead acting coach for this production.  Your wisdom and intuitiveness is something that we could not have done without.  You are truly my right hand in all of this!


Greg Fiebig and Hoosier Shakes: Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to be a part of your company this summer, so I could understand a little more of what I was getting into this fall!  I learned so much from you all, and am excited to continue!


Oak Hill Administration and Staff: Thank you for all of your support, from offering extra credit to moving events to make this happen.  I'm so lucky to work in a school district that supports it's arts departments.


To my seniors...

         Tiernan: Your leadership and encouraging spirit is an inspiration.  I'm so     

         proud of you.


         Sarah Smith: You rock the part of an Amazon queen like a true rock star. 

         I'm incredibly proud of you.


         Nic: Thank you for all the laughs and always be willing to run errands, like

         find a lion to cut off all it's fur for my donkey mask.  You are incredible.


         Bethany:  I know you put the chips and crust on my plate.  Also, you are

         amazing and truly shine on stage.  I'm so proud of you.


         Nicole:  Thank you for always being willing to stretch yourself.  You are so

         very talented!


         Cambrie: Your leadership with the fairies was so noticed and appreciated. 

         You rock!


         Hannah: Thank you for always showing dedication and commitment, no

         matter the role.  I'm incredibly proud of you.


         Fred: You play a wall better than a wall could play a wall.  I hope you keep

         acting...you have a knack for it!


         Kevin: Thank you for taking the time and being dedicated to this show! 

         You are incredible!


         Carlee: Thank you for being a fairy and being in the show!  You are



         Sarah Tucci: I'm so glad you got the opportunity to be in a show as your

         sister did.  I'm proud of you!


Miss K


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