A Midsummer Night's Dream - November 09 - November 10, 2019

Oak Hill High School

 Who's Who 

  • Bryce Crossman head shot

    Bryce Crossman

    as Theseus, Duke of Athens

    Bryce is a junior, ADHD crazy, professional caffeine addict, older brother, and a lover of pepperoni pizza. This is his fifth show here at the Hill of Oaks, and truly, he has enjoyed these last four months of his life. He would like to thank his mother for allowing him to get his license so he would not have to rely on her and his grandparents for rides (though he does miss the snacks his grandmother would provide, especially since he, being broke, cannot buy snacks). He thanks the Lord for allowing him to live long enough to play the part of Theseus, his mother for tolerating his grumpiness in the morning/noon and for providing the food at home, Andy for giving him gas money, his grandparents for making sure his youngest brothers had a ride home, everyone in the cast, Hewitt for not kicking him out, and last of all, Miss K, for this opportunity, and once again, for not kicking him out after all of the....events...that happened in these past months.

  • Sarah Smith head shot

    Sarah Smith

    as Hippotyta, Queen of the Amazons

    Sarah is a senior (and the people say Hallelujah!) at Oak Hill. She is also a member of Eagle Review, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, and Volunteer Club. She has been in six plays and eight musicals, and she hopes to add more to her repertoire. Some of her previous productions include: Check Please, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and You Can’t Take It With You (where she was a Student Director with her partner in crime, Tiernan McDivitt). Her hobbies include baking, watching old musicals, listening to music, and singing. Her favorite line is, “Indeed he hath played on this prologue like a child on a recorder----a sound, but not in government.” She would like to thank her parents for always supporting her in everything she does and Tiernan for keeping her sane and helping her be more positive. She would also like to thank Miss K and Mrs. Hewitt for the opportunity to perform in front of all of you! She hopes you enjoy the show!

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