Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jr. - March 05 - March 07, 2019

Oakwood Terrace Elementary School


Outside the Coggins garage, JEREMY and JEMIMA POTTS engage in a thrilling pretend race atop CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, a weathered old racecar (Opening). A JUNKMAN offers to buy Chitty from MR. COGGINS, but Jeremy and Jemima are dismayed when the Junkman explains how he plans to melt Chitty into scrap metal. CARACTACUS POTTS, their father, is considering purchasing the car himself when TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS roars onstage on a motorbike, out of control due to a stuck throttle. Potts flxes her motorcycle, but Truly criticizes him for not putting Jeremy and Jemima in school and insults his candy-making skills. Potts is frustrated, but Jemima and Jeremy reassure him (You Two).

The Potts family returns home to GRANDPA. After bidding them all goodnight and reflecting on his family (Them Three), Grandpa absentmindedly blows into one of the holes on Potts's "imperfect" candy, making a musical sound. Realizing the candy's potential, Potts and the children go to LORD SCRUMPTIOUS's Sweet Factory, where they realize Truly is Lord Scrumptious's daughter. With Truly's help, Potts pitches the musical candy to Lord Scrumptious (Toot Sweets).

Meanwhile, in their castle in Vulgaria, the BARON and BARONESS discuss the Baron's upcoming birthday. For his gift he requests the car that beat the Vulgarians three times in the Grand Prix - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They call spies BORIS and GORAN and demand they retrieve the car. Afterward, the Baron and Baroness express their mutual affection (Chu-Chi Face).


At the Potts home, Jeremy and Jemima try to think of ways to raise money for Chitty, but Potts sings them to sleep (Hushabye Mountain). Soon after, Potts attends the lively Fun Fair (Me Ol' Bamboo), where a man agrees to purchase his haircutting machine for thirty shillings - the exact amount he needs to purchase Chitty. Potts rushes off in excitement (Me Ol'Bamboo - Playoff).

Potts restores the car, brings it home, and takes the kids for a ride  (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Truly joins them along the way (Truly Scrumptious), but their picnic takes a turn for the worse when Boris and Goran reveal they have abducted Grandpa (they've mistaken him for Potts). Chitty springs into action (Chitty To The Rescue).


ln Vulgaria, VULGARIANS gather in the town square as the Baron and Baroness announce the arrival of Grandpa, who they think is Potts (Vulgarian Town Square). After revealing that children are banned from Vulgaria, the Baron and Baroness hear that Chitty has been seen flying in the city. They demand that Grandpa make their car fly or face certain dealh (Vulgarian Town Square - Reprise). Meanwhile, Potts, Truly, Jeremy, and Jemima meet the TOYMAKER. He and Potts set off to investigate a secret way into the castle, but while they are gone, the CHILD CATCHER steals Jeremy and Jemima away from Truly. The Toymaker leads Potts to a place where several children have been hiding from the Child Catcher. Truly catches up to them and tells Potts his children have been taken, and the HIDDEN CHILDREN offer to help get them back (Teamwork).


At the castle, the Baron and Baroness indulge in the Brazilian theme of the Baron's birthday parly (The Bombie Samba). The Toymaker arrives with a gift - Truly and Potts, disguised as dolls. They sing to the crowd before unleashing the Hidden Children (Doll On A Music Box). Just when the Child Catcher is about to defeat the Hidden Children, Chitty bursts into the room with Grandpa, Jemima, and Jeremy riding along. The car gives the Hidden Children the courage to defeat the Child Catcher, and the Toymaker banishes the Baron and Baroness, repealing Vulgaria's Suppression of Children Act. Chitty has saved the day (Finale)!

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