Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jr. - March 05 - March 07, 2019

Oakwood Terrace Elementary School


Scene 1: Outside Coggins Garage
Chitty, Jemima, Jeremy
You Two  
Potts, Jemima Jeremy
Scene 2: Potts Windmill House
Them Three  
Scene 3: Lord Scrumptious’s Sweet Factory
Toot Sweets  
Potts, Truly, Jemima, Jeremy, Chefs, Factory Workers
Scene 4: Baron and Baroness’s Castle
Chu-Chi Face  
Baron, Baroness, Soldiers
Scene 5: Potts Family Windmill
Hushabye Mountain  
Potts, Star Chorus
Scene 6: Fun Fair
Me Ol' Bamboo  
Potts, Morris Dancers, Fairgoers
Me Ol' Bamboo (Playoff)  
Morris Dancers, Fairgoers
Scene 7: Coggins Garage
Scene 8: Outside the Potts Windmill House
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  
Chitty, Potts, Truly, Jemima, Jeremy
Scene 9: The War Room in Vulgaria
Scene 10: By the Seashore
Truly Scrumptious  
Truly, Jemima, Jeremy
Chitty to the Rescue  
Chitty, Potts, Truly, Jemima, Jeremy
Scene 11: Vulgarian Town Square
Vulgarian Town Square  
Vulgarian Town Square (Reprise)  
Scene 12: The Streets of Vulgaria
Scene 13: Underneath the Castle
Potts, Truly, Toymaker, Toby, Marta, Greta, Hidden Children
Scene 14: The Castle
The Bombie Salsa  
Baroness, Vulgarians
Doll on a Music Box  
Potts, Truly
Chitty, Potts, Truly, Jemima, Jeremy, Grandpa, Vulgarians, Hidden Children

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