Eurydice - January 16 - January 18, 2020

Omaha Burke High School Theatre Department




Michella Bare

 The Belshan Family

Laura Beckman

Kathleen Blake

Kari Dembowski

Suzanne Kleveter

Stacy Lawson

Kerri Lehman

Jodi Loux

Kim Perkins

The Tiemann Family





DeAnn Hanisch, for painting assistance

Rob Hiatt (The Bike Rack), for tricycle donation

Jack Lammers, for light design

Joe Mokrycki, for sound assistance

Leah Skorupa-Mezger, for costume assistance and rental

Burke Stagecraft Class, for set building

Heartland Scenic, for sound assistance

All Burke Theatre Parent Volunteers






The myth of Orepheus and Eurydice explores the depths someone will go for who they love. In Sarah Ruhl's adaptation there is the added exploration of the love between not just someone you love romantically, but the love between a parent and their child. This play asks what is the true meaning of sacrifice, both as a spouse and a parent. And when the ending isn't what you want, was it still worth the risk?


As always, I am incredibly proud of all the students on stage and backstage, so much of the production is their creation. From building and sewing the costumes, finding the sound effects, writing music, painting the set, assisting with directing and choreography, researching the play and showing up to help make this show a reality.




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