Eurydice - January 16 - January 18, 2020

Omaha Burke High School Theatre Department


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Maddi Lehman T  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Averi Humble T  
Assistant Director  
Leah Olson T  
Audrey Saucier T  
Set Crew Head  
Samuel Keith T  
Set Crew  
Aaron Beckman T, Isabella Coonfare T, Anthony Drake, Haley Hornstein, Josh Jacobson T, Henrik, Laura Kirshenbaum T, Katie Layendecker T, and Tanner Stern T
Josh Jacobson T and Katie Layendecker T
Props Crew Head  
Andi Meyer T  
Props Crew  
Lola Dow, Natalie Ivey, Sophia Keith, and Lucy Reid
Publicity Crew Head  
Theresa Nguyen T  
Publicity Crew  
Lola Dow  
Sound Crew Head  
Cameron Perkins T  
Sound Crew  
James Lawson T and Aubrianna Schmidt T
Costumes/ Makeup Crew  
Audrey Bare, Aaliyah Epps, Gemma Morales T, and Dusk Preslar T
Dramaturg/House Crew Head  
Campbell Burmood T  
Dramaturg/House Crew Head/Composer  
Ethan Kleveter T  
Dramaturg/House Crew Head  
Alex Rooker T  
House Crew  
Alysha Aki, Kate Anderson, Audrey Bauer, Zion Emerson, Michaela Holcomb T, Vivica Memini, Logan Merrill T, and Jordan Parker T

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