Into the Woods - June 27 - June 29, 2019

Out of the Woods Theatre


To raise a glass and salute the toast, “...into the woods,” one was accepting a dangerous quest -- having no idea of the impending outcome or if the traveler would even survive the challenge. I share this diddy with a little tongue-in-cheek because this was my first emotion after accepting the responsibilities to guide this wonderful project.


INTO THE WOODS made its Broadway debut in late, winning three Tony Awards for Best Score, Best Book & Best Actress, respectively. Not bad for having to compete with the domineering PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Written as a collaborative piece, Stephen Sondheim blended some of his childhood experiences along with the classic fairy tales that we all know & love, to tackle the question that has plagued mankind from Day One:  the meaning of life.


Sondheim tackles multiple themes of humanity including growing up, relationships, responsibilities, morality & consequences. He also adds a Giant's Wife to the fray who extinguishes life indiscriminately. Sondheim does all this while also introducing Broadway to new syncopated speech rhythms that were the foundations of what now call Hip/Hop. It’s no HAMILTON but it was cutting-edge work for 1987.


The trials involved for INTO THE WOODS have been challenging from the onset. But this is the case for anything worth doing. The cast & crew have been pushed to limits that have stretched and agonized each & every individual. Sacrifices were made, actors accepted uncomfortable responsibilities, crew faced adversity ... and life -- in turn -- imitated art. It is with great pride that we present ‘our’ collaborative representation to you. We have song & dance to remove you from your troubles, the story gives you a moral to ponder for this coming week & Sondheim’s Cinderella gives you a mercurial wink at the finale that only Stephen could deliver. So sit back & enjoy this production from Out of The Woods Theatre.


-- Scott Fritsche, Director

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