Into the Woods - June 27 - June 29, 2019

Out of the Woods Theatre


Crew Members  
Scott Fritsche  
Asst. Director  
Brenton Kniess  
Vocal Director  
Donna Petree  
Pit Orchestra Conductor  
Amanda Fischer  
Michelle Fritsche  
Stage Manager  
Crystal Hosler  
Technical Director  
Kristopher Berge  
Set Design  
Scott Fritsche  
Set Construction  
Bob Stephens  
Scenic Painting  
Scott & Michelle Fritsche
Costume Crew  
Vicki Weaver, Sue Kramer, Megan Peck, Alison Weaver, Reese Aarthun, Nicole Stephens, Sidney May, Dawn Calhoun
Hair & Makeup Design  
Nicole Stephens  
Hair & Makeup Crew  
Allegra Coolidge of The Hair Affair, Rachel Davis, Nicole Stephens of Brush & Bashful, Jamie Wirkus of Spa Fleurish
Prop Master  
Brenton Kniess  
Prop Construction  
Bruce Trueblood  
Sound Technician  
Madison Maxwell  
Lighting Technician  
Kristopher Berge  
Fly Operator  
Douglas Martin  
Stage Crew  
Joe Heffron  
Promotional Photographer  
Marie Walkowski of Walkowski Photography
Playbill Cover Logo Design  
Sean Caldwell  
Nicole Stephens  
Social Media Video Campaign  
Brenton Kniess  
Theatre Company Manager  
Nicole Stephens  

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