Newsies - June 20 - July 02, 2022

Outlaw Trail Theater

  Who's Who  

  • Boston Anglesey head shot

    Boston Anglesey

    as Jack Kelly

    This is Boston's second show at Outlaw Trail but his first show NOT in a cow suit. He's done theater for 7 years and Jack has been a dream role since the beginning. He is so excited to Carry the Banner at Outlaw Trail Theater and hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Cade Marshall head shot

    Cade Marshall

    as Crutchie

    Dream come true. Crutchie was my dream come true. Thank you to everyone who helped me, and everyone who came to the show! “Seize the day!”

  • Brigham Benedicto head shot

    Brigham Benedicto

    as Race

    Since 2015, when his family was involved with Uintah High Theatre’s production of “Mary Poppins”, Brigham has been sucked into the world of the Perfoming Arts. He is happily performing in his 10th musical, and is proud to welcome you to Outlaw Trail Theater’s “Newsies”. Enjoy the show!

  • Carter Pierce head shot

    Carter Pierce

    as Albert

    Everyone’s a tenor!

  • Jaxston Wall head shot

    Jaxston Wall

    as Specs

    This may be Jaxston's first show at Outlaw, but he's no stranger to the musical theatre world. He is beyond thrilled to be a part of Outlaw's production of Newsies.

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