Newsies - June 20 - July 02, 2022

Outlaw Trail Theater

 End Notes 

Director's Note


We are beyond grateful to Outlaw Trail Theatre for giving us a chance to direct this amazing musical. Newsies has always held a special place in our hearts, and to be given the opportunity to create this story has been a dream come true. We could not have asked for a more remarkable cast and crew to assist us through our first journey of directing. It has been an honor.


It is our hope that you leave the theatre a little braver. We hope you believe in your capabilities no matter what stands in your way. Rise up and face this world of uncertainty with courage. Take a stand and face up to your own individual Goliaths and believe that you can.


The world needs you!


Thank you and enjoy the show!


Koy and Makenzie Nielson



Choreographer's Note


What a privilege it has been to be involved with  Outlaw Trail Theater and this wonderful production. Newsies is filled with dancing and it has been a joy to choreograph for this wonderful cast. I would like to thank all of the cast for their incredible work ethic and for being willing to do it "just one more time." Your hard work has paid off. 


To our loyal supporters and audience, thank you for being here. At the end of weeks of rehearsal, you are our reward. Laugh, cry, cheer and enjoy the show!



Taunia Wheeler

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