ANNIE - March 21 - March 22, 2019

Pacific Coast Christian Prep


ANNIE is about hope for the future. Set in the Great Depression and centered around a girl with every reason to be sad, ANNIE reminds the audience that there's always hope. "Tomorrow," after all, "is only a day away!"


I can't think of a better message for us to deliver in our first ever musical at PCCPrep. We are a people filled with hope for the future, confident that what is to come is going to be great! Our hope is centered on Christ, who has brought this school into existence and has shown Himself in miraculous ways throughout our first year. We, too, live in anticipation of what "tomorrow" will bring. 


There are so many people to thank. I'm worried I'll leave someone out, but here goes:

  • Dr. and Mrs. Andujo: They are champions of the arts, helping and sacrificing in so many ways to allow this production to be what it is. We could not have done this without their tireless support and encouragement!
  • The PCCPrep faculty: Everyone has assisted in this production, giving time out of classes for rehearsals, working behind the scenes, and so much more. Thank you all for your help!
  • The A/V Team: This crew, led by Mr. Alvarez, is dynamite! You can see and hear us because of them. They worked on the background images, and they help in myriad ways behind-the-scenes. Please be sure to thank them as you see them tonight. Our cast couldn't do anything without the help of our amazing crew.
  • Parents: The parents of the cast have been amazing, helping find shoes and costume peices, providing snacks and drinks, and making sure their children are ready for this production. I'm so grateful for their support.
  • C3 Church: We're so thankful to this church for allowing us to turn their stage into NYC this week! The staff and volunteers here have been so kind and supportive. Thank you!!


This production marks what I hope will be a long tradition of musicals that entertain and inspire. In a world where entertainment is too-often designed to push us into ideals that oppose biblical truth, we want to bring shows that remind our audiences of what is true and good and beautiful. We want to reflect our imaginative, loving Creator, who does all things well.


Finally, thank YOU for coming. None of the work, the time, the effort, or the talent would be worth it if we didn't have an audience to share this with. Thank you for coming. And please come again!


Krista McGee


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