ANNIE - March 21 - March 22, 2019

Pacific Coast Christian Prep

 End Notes 

To My Seniors:


  • Tiahra: What a joy to watch you blossom as a performer! You have taken on every role you've been given with professionalism and pizazz. You owned this part from the moment you auditioned, and I have loved watching you rehearse and perform. It's hard to believe you haven't been doing this your whole life. It's been an honor to be your teacher and director. 
  • Sasha: You have great talent and great humiity. Knowing you'd be too busy to take on a lead role this year, you graciously stepped into an ensemble role, leading by example in that. I have loved being your director, and I hope you continue to use the talent God has given you for his glory.
  • Cassidy: You are a servant-hearted leader. Few people realize just how much you've done for this production, both onstage in your roles and offstage in your other role! You don't just help when asked, you ask to help. You're a blessing to me and to this cast. 
  • Eliana: I've been directing you since you were in first grade (remember "American Ideal"??). What a joy to be able to be part of your life at home and at school.Not many parents are given that privilege. You have always had a great talent, and I have loved getting to help you grow in that. I pray you will continue to grow in wisdom and in grace. 


I love you all, and I will miss you terribly. I am ridiculously proud of you.


Mrs. McGee

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