Amélie: High School Edition - September 14 - January 04, 2020

Palmyra High School


As humans, every emotion affects our hearts—from the pounding of excitement to the pain of heartbreak. We talk about it, angst about it, and yes, we sing about it. I live my own life preoccupied by hearts. It’s a little known fact, but indeed, I have an extra electrical cardiac pathway. I didn’t learn about it until just a few years ago, but I like to think it explains my constant ambition for a super-charged life. I blame this path for my intense desire to work harder, love stronger, and like Amélie, feel deeper. 


Like so many of us, Amélie battles the push-pull of inviting others into her world with the vulnerability of potential disappointment. Leaning on others means they could let us down, hurting our fragile hearts. Her imaginative spirit and her creative spark is nearly squelched under the oppression of others. The result is a young woman who has a brilliant world going on in her head with the potential to contribute so much. But the world nearly misses out on her do-gooding nature. That is, until she finds herself in the right community, with the right people, and at the right moment.


Set in 1997 at the time of Princess Diana’s death, Amélie is an illustration of how individual moments can shape our lives. The theme of simplicity and finding magic in the most mundane things is a constant throughout the musical and the 2001 for which it is based. From a life-changing apartment key to a chance encounter with a stranger, Amélie is wise enough to see the magic in the moment. Can we say the same?


Sometimes in life, you get to be a part of a moment that you know is exceedingly special, dare I suggest magical? The kind where you are paired with hard-working and diligent students, fearless production team members, and a community that welcomes and celebrates accomplishments and this incredible honor. For those of us who have been caught up in this moment—the one where we get to be a part of the creation of Amélie: High School Edition—we have tried to keep in mind how lucky we are. From working with talented orchestrators to weighing in on lyric adjustments to envisioning Amélie’s world, we have loved every second of our summer in Paris. Sometimes, the world is smart enough to hand you just what you need, and you have to be wise enough to grab it right back. Thank you to the students, staff members, and administration that helped us take this step. 


2019 marked the year of The Heart for the Bucher Family. Mark, Rosemary, and Aaron thank you for being the personification of my heart every day. It bursts for pride and love of our family, and I hope that Amélie makes you proud.


And sometimes, lyricists write the prayer you never knew you’ve been praying your whole life. To this incredibly gifted, dedicated, and special group of students, I hope you hold these words near to your hearts. Thank you for trusting me as we entered this journey together. We need your voices in our world. Without it, this Paris and our community of Palmyra could never be the same.


“I know my heart

Is speaking with a murmur

Making the sound that only I can hear

All I can manage is a whisper

Of this heartbeat trapped inside

Here in this place

Grant me the grace

To be amplified”


Blue Arrow Suite, Act 2, Amélie: High School Edition


Jasmine Bucher, Director


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