Amélie: High School Edition - September 14 - January 04, 2020

Palmyra High School

  Crew, Pit, and Production Team 


Stage Crew

Molly Trautman, Student Stage Manager

Jamie Hurley, Student Stage Manager

Francesca Falvo

Makenna Koyack

Chad Moody, Sound Assistant


Pit Orchestra

Piano/Conductor: Kevin Edward Gane

Reed: Annie McConnell
Trombone: Jacob Wagers
Violin: Hannah Gorrell
Percussion: Stephen Valvo

Guitar: Justin Kripas
Keyboard 2: Katie McConnell
Flute: Kara Schoessler
Bass: Dave Thompson




Production Team

Director & Producer: Jasmine Bucher

Music Director: Kevin Edward Gane

Producer: Rosemary Bucher

Choreographer: Kristin Foltz Petrou

Production Manager: Codey Fickes

Stage Manager: Noah McClure

Set Construction: Derek Ulrich

Set Designers: Greg Griffie and Shawn Seabold

Technical Directors: Dustin Foreman and Katie Foreman

Costumers: Sandi Brettler and Jasmine Bucher

Production Assistant: Mohit Patel

Ticket Coordinator: Lori Yaw

Student Rehearsal Assistant/Deck Captain: Ryan Taylor

House Manager: Kara Stonebraker 




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