Peter and the Starcatcher - October 04 - October 13, 2019

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

 End Notes 

Director’s Note


Welcome everyone to Peter and the Starcatcher. Another family friendly offering at a time where we need some more wholesome family entertainment. I'm sure most of us grew up loving the story and adventure of Peter and the Lost Boys as they fought the evil Captain Hook. Maybe you even found yourself rooting for Hook? That's cool too.


Have some fun today. Enjoy the show. 



Special Thanks


Brent Kuykendall – I need to schedule a meeting with you.


Katie Clovis, Jennifer Panagos, Michael Wanmer, Season Pollock, the Facilities Crew and the rest of the Staff and Faculty – For the constant support to our students and department.


Jim Bell – For everything you have done over the years.


The Cast & Crew – Each show is a unique process and comes with its own set of challenges. You all stepped forward on this production, however, and have prepared admirably. I appreciate the hard work, the focus, the vigor with which you attacked each call. I hope you're proud of your work.


The Parents  – Thank you for all of contributions.  Without your assistance this program would cease to exist.


Susan Breitenstein – For your ticketing wizardry.


Erin Barbour, Nancy Shafer & all the other parent volunteers – For working so hard for this production.


Julie Arico and the PVPHS Drama Booster Board (and all of our Drama Booster Members) - For working so hard to help keep this program going and trusting in all that we are doing to continue to grow.


My Family – Because I feel obligated to mention you here.

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