Peter and the Starcatcher - October 04 - October 13, 2019

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School


Cast Members  
Grempkin & Others  
Anna Alaga  
Lucas Arico*  
Narrator & Others  
Sagan Barbour  
Teacher & Others (Asst. Vocal Director)  
Bree Bennett  
Narrator & Others  
Evalynn Castro  
Prentiss (Asst. Vocal Director)  
Emma Cool*  
Hawking Clam & Others  
Stella Cortese  
Sanchez & Others  
Julia Doty  
Captain Robert Falcon Scott & Others  
Annelise Espinoza  
Tom Evans  
Fighting Prawn & Others  
Francesca Genato*  
Mrs. Bumbrake  
Anjali Gupta  
Alf & Others  
Gabby Hoffman  
Lord Leonard Aster  
Aidan Jasanis  
Narrator & Others  
Michelle Lin  
Bill Slank & Others  
Ley'ah McClain*  
Narrator & Others  
Sydney Miller  
Smee (Vocal Director)  
Arista Mozena  
Narrator & Others  
Zoe O'Neil  
Mack & Others  
Jacob Pascover  
Molly Aster  
Sarah Snow*  
Black Stache  
Brianna Yi  
Production / Creative  
Stage Manager  
Gigi Moreno*  
Assistant Director  
Sarah Kay Adams*  
Assistant Director / Graphic Artist  
Taliesa Fortis*  
Assistant Director  
Osame Osayande  
Costume Design  
Linda Muggeridge-Zimmerman  
Seth Cohen*  

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