Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - April 09

Paschal High School Fort Worth


Special Thanks to:


Troy Langston

Principal of Paschal High School


Jackie Trevino-Garcia

Assistant Principal and Performance Arts Administrator of Paschal High School


Jessica Leavitt, Jennifer Pate, Benjamin Swanson & Randy Young

Assistant Principals of Paschal High School


Jesse Cannon II

FWISD Director of Visual and Performing Arts


Nicholas Morris

FWISD Dance and Theatre Coordinator


Jacob Clemmons

Associate Director of Theatre Arts


Christopher Whitehead

Technical Director


Jennifer Griffith & the Paschal Theatre Boosters


Diane Wolf

For donating our rehearsal piano!


Carolyn Prather and Alma Reyes

Superheros of Paschal High School


Officer Garrett and Officer Wheelan

School Resource Officers


Ms. South

Paschal High School Safety and Security Liasion


Mr. Felix, Ms. Rhodes, Ms. Lopez

Paschal High School Security Team


Christine Lund



The Paschal High School Faculty


The Paschal High School Custodial Staff

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