Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - April 09

Paschal High School Fort Worth

 Who's Who 

  • Megan Seeds head shot

    Megan Seeds

    as Mary Shelley

    Megan is a senior at Paschal High School, and is a Vagabond officer. Some of Megan's favorite roles include Jo in Little Women, Sophie in Mamma Mia!, & the Librarian in Kodachrome. "Thank you to the entire OAP company, this show is incredible because of YOU! Special shoutout to Haley & Kingsley for being my theatre pals, & Weesner and Clemmons for having confidence in me."

  • George Gulde head shot

    George Gulde

    as Frankenstein

    George is a senior & started theatre as Charlie in Willy Wonka Jr. in 7th grade. He since has been seen as Colonel Mustard in Clue, Harry in Mamma Mia! and Buddy in Elf. He has had an incredible experience in theatre and would like to thank his family, his dog, Alice, Thomas and Abby, all of his fellow castmates that have been with him these last few years and Xavier.

  • Drake Spencer head shot

    Drake Spencer

    as The Monster

    Drake is wrapping up his last year at Paschal High School. Some of his favorite roles he’s taken on include Mr. Green in Clue, the Hardware Store Owner in Kodachrome, Sam in Mamma Mia, Albatross Underdrawers in Sally Cotter, Mr. Brooks in Little Women, and Walter Hobbs in Elf. He is excited to continue his journey at Texas Tech, and he thanks his parents for their support.

  • Kingsley Marshall head shot

    Kingsley Marshall

    as Elizabeth/Chorus

    Kingsley is a Senior at PHS where she has participated in 17 productions. Her favorite roles include Mrs. White in Clue, The Photographer in Kodachrome, and Meg in Little Women. "I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, Attie, and Colin for always supporting my ambitions and dreams, and Megan and Haley who have been in theatre with me since day one. I love y'all!"

  • Owen Perry head shot

    Owen Perry

    as Henry/Chorus

    Owen is a senior at PHS. His previous roles include: Mr Boddy in "Clue," ensemble in "Mamma Mia!" and "Elf," assistant stage manager for "Kodachrome” and Laurie in “Little Women”. Owen would like to thank his mom, dad, brother and sister - and everyone else in his life. When asked what his future plans are, he responded "ask again later...."

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