Peter and the Starcatcher - November 02 - November 04, 2023

Pella High School

 End Notes 




     I had never been a fan of Peter Pan in any form, until I read Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This prequel story was creative, funny, scary, and pretty weird. When I saw Peter and the Starcatcher at the International Thespian Festival a few years ago, it was all of those things plus a delightful mix of theatrical styles. The show went on my short list of shows to direct. 


     On Broadway, this show had twelve actors that changed parts frequently. Our version has more actors, but many still play multiple roles. Peter and the Starcatcher uses a technique called Story Theatre, which involves narration, acting, mime, and storytelling. If you want to really enjoy this show, don't ask too many questions about why a character is suddenly talking in third person, or why Black Stache is suddenly a mermaid...just go with it. 


     Thank you to all of the adults who have worked on the show - Tyler Gajewsky, Sam Nau, Gabe Schott, Ashlee Whittington, Jason Zylstra, Brystal Hopkins, Barb Nunnikoven and Kate Kanne Smith. All of these people have other jobs - some have MULTIPLE other jobs - and yet they have given time and energy to this production. The same goes for the kids in the cast who spent the fall keeping up with schoolwork while also in band rehearsals, show choir rehearsals, cross country practice, part time jobs and a million other things. They have been a great cast and crew. 


     And now, as Alf will say very soon, "STOW YER CARGO! START YER PLAY! ADIEU! ADIEU!".


Suzi Jones







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