Peter and the Starcatcher - November 02 - November 04, 2023

Pella High School


A Bare Stage
Sailors and Seamen  
The Neverland - On Deck
Aster Led Off  
Profitable Trade  
Molly's Cabin
Bowels of the Ship
Molly Descends  
Bilge Dungeon
Grempkin Flashback  
The Wasp - Captain's Cabin
The Wasp  
Enter Stache  
Amulets and Cat  
The Neverland - Passageway
The Wasp - Captain's Cabin
Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys  
The Neverland - Bilge Dungeon
Dodo in Distress  
The Neverland - On Deck
The Neverland and the Wasp
Hurricano - Part I  
Hurricano - Part II  
Hurricano - Part III  
Swim On  
Act II  
Mollusk Island - Shore
Mermaid Outta Me  
Mountaintop, Mollusk Island
Mermaid Playoff/Peter Reveal  
Coming Down the Mountain  
Mollusk Territory
Mr. Grin's Cage

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