No End Meeting - June 27 - June 28, 2020

Peninsula Youth Theatre
Peninsula Youth Theatre
Written and Performed by

Anika Raman * Avery Fox * Ash Prodromou * Beatrice Bell
Beau Bornmann * Max Kelly * Sagnik Nag Chowdhury

Shir Toledo * Talia Lawit * Tessa Prodromou * Val Zvinyatskovsky





Sound Design

Mike Cobb

Directed and Mentored by

Karen Simpson





Stage Manager
Olivia Cobb

Video and Sound Editors

Ash Prodromou and Val Zvinyatskovsky


Sponsored by

The Rengan-Raman Family



Richard L. and Carol Doup Muller

Judith Lawit
Priscilla Bornmann The Noik Family
The Devenney Family Marianne Oglo
Kirsten Fontenrose A. Olson
Adele Friedland The Prodromou Familiy
Tom and Sandy Friedland Blossom Sumulong-Fox
Lyn and Dave Healy Eitan Toledo
Marlie Jacobs Stanislav Zvinyatskovsky
James and Marilyn Kelly