No End Meeting - June 27 - June 28, 2020

Peninsula Youth Theatre

  Meeting Attendees  

  • Joseph Birde head shot

    Joseph Birde

    Joseph Birde is a top notch salesman at Salescorp™. He's sold top tier items such as his world famous psychedelics, or his very many other assortment of non illegal supplements.

  • Louisa Brown head shot

    Louisa Brown

    Louisa is a waitress at a coffee shop in Florida, but her main and secretive job is as a spy for an organization she can not name. She loves her beautiful snake, and their field trips together! To calm down from her stressful work, she likes to spend time at the local Maimi beach!

  • Alice ‌Ferragamo-Pinault-‌Bouvier-Coldwell head shot

    Alice ‌Ferragamo-Pinault-‌Bouvier-Coldwell

    Ms. Ferragamo-Pinault-‌Bouvier-Coldwell, one of the wealthiest women in the world, is renowned for her beauty and style. Sadly, this wealth has not helped her elude sorrow, and she continues to look for one true love that will last past the honeymoon. 

  • Carter Levy head shot

    Carter Levy

    Carter Levy is one of the top political consultants in the country.  He has worked for many candidates who won elections by a landslide. A true patriot, Carter.will always go the extra mile to ensure that his clients succeed, hence his unmatched track record.  

  • Tommy Noe head shot

    Tommy Noe

    Tommy Noe is a proud graduate of his local state college in Chicago with a master's in computer science. While his dad died of too much caffeine, he works in a financial position for one of the most influential and lucrative coffee-providing companies in the world. Tommy is always ready to serve you coffee, be your technical support, or just chat. 

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